SB20 Grand Slam – Cowes week 2018
6 August 2018
Sneekweek 2018
25 August 2018

Broach during the OWee

Do you like boats and sailing, then you have come to the right place! D.S.Z.W. Broach is the student competition sailing club in Delft! We are also clearly present during the OWEE. Below you will find our program, come visit us for questions or to make a chat!

More information and registration

On this site you can find a lot of information about our association, fun articles and pictures for example. Do not hesitate to visit the information page or to explore the site yourself! Do you want to register? That is also possible using our site!

Detailed description OWee program and registration for activities

Below is our OWee program slightly more detailed, in addition you can already sign up for our delicious BBQ on Tuesday for the Sports Party and, if you can not wait to go sailing, you can sign up for our sailing day on Thursday where you can experience what it is like to sail in our boats! Most of our evening programme will be held at our own location at the Rotterdamseweg 396.

Sunday 19-08

Parade (17:30-18:30): Like many other associations we will be doing the parade on sunday!

Opening party (19:00-00:30): After the parade we will join the opening party to celebrate the start of the OWee!

Monday 20-08

Infomarket (14:00-18:00): Want to know more about Broach? We are at the info market with our SB20 ready to answer all your questions!

Drunken sailor drinking night (20:00-22:00): Are you a sailor and would you like to share your epic sailing stories while enjoying a beer with other sailors? Then come to our sailors drink!

Gamesnight (22:00-1:00): After the sailors night we continue by playing drinking games. Several games are played from Twister to kubbs and from Beerpong to stressmaxing and all in the presence of a nice group of Broachers!

Tuesday 21-08

BBQ (17:00-21:00): Have you seen Broach coming by and do you want to get to know us better? Then come to our BBQ! For 7.50,- you will have food, drinks, lots of fun and a group of nice people to go to the sports party with! Registrate using this link!

Sports party (21:00-4:00):All Delft sports clubs organize the Sports Party together! At this party you can meet the associations in an informal way. So come and have a dance car, drink beers with the members and discover that these associations do more than just exercise! More information can be found on the facebook event page!

Wednesday 22-08

Chillnight (20:00-21:30 & 23:30 – 1:00): The Cantus has just ended, you have had a good meal and prepare for the rest of the evening. Where better than in a cozy atmosphere with fellow sailors? Tonight you can come to Broach to chill and grab a beer.

Filmnight (21:30-23:30):Are you ready for something different after 3 days of partying? Come and relax with our sail-responsible film evening just before the party noise breaks loose!

Thursday 23-08

Sailing day (morning 8:00-13:00 & afternoon 12:00-17:00): Would you like a day trip on one of our J22 racing sailboats? Then come to the sailing day! Come to our stand at the infomarket or sports and cultural market for more information or to sign up! We have a morning and afternoon shift to give as many people as possible the chance to sail. Do not forget to bring your own lunch! You can also register using this link!



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