Corona Virus // No training sesseions and drinks up to and including 28th of April

Winners Slag om Delft 2020
18 March 2020
Corona Virus // Trainings, drinks and activities are cancelled up to and including May 19th
29 April 2020

Corona Virus // No training sesseions and drinks up to and including 28th of April

Last months the coronavirus has spread globally and is also present here in the Netherlands. The government has set out a number of precautions and Broach will have to comply. 


These precautions have the following effects on Broach activities:

  1. All training sessions up to and including the 28th of April are cancelled;
  2. All events up to and including the 1st of june are cancelled;
  3. There will be no physical drinks and activities organized by Broah up to and including the 28th of April.


We, the board, are currently analyzing what this will mean for Broach. What will happen to the coming sailing season, the general budget, and most importantly: how do we continue after this crisis? We are in contact with both the supervisory board and the training committee to discuss said questions.


Because of the new precautions taken by the government on the 23rd of March, the spring introduction cannot take place. This means that also the spring groeitijd is cancelled. 

Currently we are looking at other activities to do as Broachers; for example a digital drink, online sailing related lectures, games, and so on. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!


We are strongly convinced that after this crisis, Broach will continue to sail and have fun. Until that time, I for everyone to stay healthy during this crisis. 


On behalf of the whole board,

Best regards,


Moniek van Zon

Secretary of D.S.W.Z. Broach

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