About Broach (English)

This page is only intended for international students, you can find the Dutch version of this page here.
Sailing together in a student association, that is our goal!

Who are we?

Broach is a student sailing association that has it's focus on competitive sailing. At the moment we have a fleet consisting of 7 varying boats: three J22 keelboats, one SB20 keelboat and two RS500's. We compete in sailing regattas at various national and sometimes international events. Alongside our own fleet, we have a vast network of sailors: we've sailed on the Volvo Ocean Race boat of Team Brunel for example!

Only competitve sailing?

Hell no! Broach is much more than that! Sometimes, we just go sailing for fun or you can train to improve your own sailing skills. Aside from sailing, Broach does organise many events, such as a christmass diner, a ski holiday, lectures from famous sailors and many other activities! Are you interested in learning how to sail? You can during our beginnercourse!

Are there many international students in your association?

Unfortunately, we don't have many internationals. However, internationals are always welcome! We have some internationals who have been a member for a very long time. The language we usually speak is Dutch, but it is no problem to talk in English if needed. Joining Broach is also a very good opportunity to learn the Dutch language and culture! So in short, we are a Dutch association, but we are open to international students!

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you have to follow an introduction period. There are two opportunities: one in the spring or another one in the summer just before the start of the academic year (25 untill 30 august 2018). During this introduction, you get to know our boats and our members. The costs will not be higher than €120. You can register online. If you can't be at the introduction, it is not possible to become a full member. However, we have a so called '€10 membership'. With this membership, you cannot sail, but you can participate in the activities and you get to know the association. It is also possible to attend an introduction period later on to become a full member. This registration form can also be found online.
Do you want to become a full member of Broach? Enroll here !
Do you want to become a '€10' member of Broach? Enroll here !


You can find a list of frequently asked questions here. If you have any other questions, you can always contact a member of Broach or a member of our board. You can mail your questions to secretaris@broach.nl and we will try to give an answer as quickly as possible.